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Guerilla Gardening : : : : Toronto Public Space Committee

That was the first hit for Guerilla, Toronto. Blah, I missed the March meeting...although I'm not sure I want to join anyways since that group is also political...and I would just like some things to be free of that, as in solely for the sake of gardening with zero good as the intentions are.

That site is a useful resource for those in Toronto who are interested...and for another good source on native plants, try Andy's Northern Ontario Wildflowers...I know it's the North, but I've spotted some of those flowers down here too, and I love this site because of the visual guide, and that flowers are divided by habitat, meadows and wasteland, native and foreign labelled. TPSC encourages that as much as possible, we stick to native plants as introducing an invasive species to an area could do more harm than good...the exception being of course, to areas where the native species would no longer come of the city.

Also: Flora of Southern Ontario - The Grand Valley Trails Assocation

This year, I have so many green plans involving my city, both Guerilla Gardening within the suburban and urban areas...and joining conservation groups for the remaining wild bits...tree planting, cleaning up the river, aiding the native species. Fun.

BTW, hello! Forgot to mention, I just joined yesterday via a rec from gardening, any other Torontonians here? Um, or just someone who care to share their previous wild gardening experience, or plans? Blah, after reading a post made back in the fall, I gotta make a note somewhere to plant bulbs near the end of the year, that is awesome.

- n00b
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