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Ninja Gardeners, and hello!,,2-2123826,00.html
ninja gardeners in London are landscaping in the night.

hello all! i posted the above link in LJ gardening, and the lovely missucupcake pointed me this way.
there is a Toronto group of guerilla gardeners as well, but i can't find the link offhand.

i was thinking about this a few months ago... as i was walking in my neighbourhood, there is an abandoned driveway with a horrid chunk of high chain link fence that is a complete eyesore. i plan to plant some vines in the small corner of dirt there, and hope they cover it. it works well on the chainlink fence at the back of my house - you can't even see it once it gets going.

any thoughts on the best sort of vines to plant, that need little water to get going? anything fast growing that works well from seed?
happy day!
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