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Wild Gardens

taking over the world, one lamppost at a time

planting gardens where they are least expected
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Wild gardens are planted anonymously, where they are least expected. If you're working with hardy and prolific plants and flowers, any patch of dirt in any urban wasteland is a potential garden. Why wait for somebody to beautify your neighborhood for their own business interests? Why wait for your town to agree on planting schemes? Why sit back while civil servants neglect your local park? Why bemoan your lack of land? If you buy a package of seeds for a dollar or two, you can become an agent of mother nature and help turn the world green again. Community gardens can be torn down, but if someone takes down one wild garden dozens more will spring up in its place like weeds. Never be attached to wild gardens; like all things, they blossom with joy and life, but not forever.

A wild garden could be in a crack in the sidewalk, a patch of dirt by a building, a derelict park, a forgotten garden, a lamppost, a tree stub, all sorts of places. Only hardy or prolific plants and flowers can start a wild garden. Seeds are best; chances are that no one will notice them until they've zealously grown to maturity. Transplants are risky, except for very out-of-the-way locations. Important: although weeds are generally admirable, please be careful not to plant anything in areas where they may endanger native plants and other delicate systems. Wild gardens are best for dead zones, urban areas, semi-urban areas, and any place where the native flora has already been decimated so that anything is an improvement. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you know of a website listing the noxious weeds per area, please inform us!

Plants to try: morning glories, sweet peas, garlic cloves, mint, lilies of the valley, sunflowers, whatever leftover seeds you've got…Please suggest more! Seeds which come from our food and would otherwise be thrown away are especially welcome.

Growing them is an act of joy and defiance, to give pleasure to most people and irk those who like everything bare and sickly. Our neighborhoods are full of boring lawns, bare compacted soil, and unadorned structures. Enough wild gardeners could change all that, transforming our common spaces into a feast for the senses. Go for a walk with a handful of seeds and start the change you wish to see in the world. Resistance is fertile.

If you join, please feel free to introduce yourself. The community is moderated by whisperfae and syzygy currently. All suggestions are welcome.

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