Faded Shadow (moonsdaughter) wrote in wildgardens,
Faded Shadow

An introduction and a question

Hello everyone, my name is Liz. I was actually pointed over here by someone in the gardening community. I have never heard of gardening like this before, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I have one project in mind, and it is a rather big one.

I live in Massachusetts, US, in this really pethatic apartment complex. The grass is always so sick looking and all we have for plants are sick looking bushes. What I want to do is find places (that I know the children don't play on as they have no respect for anything beautiful) and plant some flowers.

My question is this: A lot of areas are heavily mulched, so what plants do you think would grow well in that sort of condition?

There is also a place, right out front of the town house, on the edge of the complex, where I live where there is a tree stump. The tree itself had died and with every storm was threatening to come down on our house, so they cut it. I was thinking maybe of planting some things around the stump, and possibly putting a flower pot on the stump as well, with some more plants in it. What do you think?
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