Mercurial Georgia (G.S.Y.H.) (gsyh) wrote in wildgardens,
Mercurial Georgia (G.S.Y.H.)

Plains of lawns sorta part in Toronto, Ontario - Canada

I don't think I'll be in this neighbourhood for long, though I grew up here, and for years I have always felt that all the space in the park have been wasted with bare lawns. Yeah, some lawns are good for soccer and football and assorted games, but what about the small hills part? Right next to the trees?

In spite of teh city lawn mowers, there are still wildflowers there, red clovers, ox eye daisies, sheppard's purse, white clovers, bindweeds, purple monkey flowers, dandelions, and purple and some white butterfly/common/early violets at the corner of the park. Especially that one year, where some branches cut from the trees were just left there, halting teh lawnmowers! It was beautiful...but last year, it was back to normal, no more carpet of violets, just a small, small, handful here and there.

I'm thinking about EVENTUALLY getting the city in on it, one school in Toronto did convert it's lawn to a meadow again...but in the mean time, got any species of flowering plants that will survive repeated mowings (the grass grows to about 5-7 inch before the mowing machine comes...have to totally get their schedule)? Or shade loving plants that will survive right by the Willow trees? The stomping of children and drunken teenagers (>:( on the last one)...

Or anyways I could aid the species that are already there?

The park is in a quiet neighbourhood, it's filled with people around the school hours or evenings when parents are there, but I do know of some quiet times, so I think I could get away with planting a few prolific species there...I just wonder if it would be worth it if anyone decided to dig it out after I put it in, blah.
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